Seth Anderson (swanksalot) wrote,
Seth Anderson

Young Pippin

Late last Sunday night, we drove out to West Chicago (a town about 45 minutes west of Chicago) and picked up a kitten we've named Pippin. A friend who lives on ten acres in semi-rural Kansas rescued Pippin from the mouth of a neighbor's dog. The dog was trotting around proudly displaying his new toy, but Pippin was none the worse for wear (except for a broken tail tip). We guestimate Pippin's age to be around 8 weeks.

Our friend took Pippin to the vet two weeks ago, and the vet expressed surprise at the enormity of Pippin's testicles, remarking, "He's got big balls! They're so well defined!" Hence, Pippin's middle name, BB. Enjoy them while you can, young Pippin. They'll be snipped soon enough so you too can run for Senator on the Democratic ticket.

sad Pippin


almost stopped playing long enough to take this photo.

Pippen in the Grass
We grow our own cat grass (from seeds purchased at The Sprout People)

Pippen Toes
luckily I bathe frequently

Now playing, Carlos Kleiber - IV. Allegro Energico E Passionato - Piu Allegro - from the album: Brahms Symphony No. 4

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