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Food Nostalgia

When I moved out of my folks house at the ripe age of 17, I had not yet learned the culinary arts. All attempts were experimental, and results often could only be described as interesting. However, one of the first meals I made, and made often, was a simple grilled cheese with mushrooms, which were previously sauteed with plenty of butter (sometimes half a sticks worth!).

Today, I made a similar dish, but in the intervening years, my tastes have matured. As I ate the sandwich, I compared my memories (at least those which weren't obscured in the haze of cannabis, ahem) of how I prepared that dish and this dish.

Now the cheese is an aged cheddar from a gourmet supermarket, with a couple slices of an Italian grape leave and peppercorn Pecorino thrown in, not the H.E.B. brand of yellow Montery Jack cheeze; organic shitake and crimini mushrooms instead of white pre-sliced mushrooms; and fresh chives instead of Mrs. Dash.

On the other hand, I would have had a nice glass of whole milk to wash it down, instead of my boring water (if I wasn't working, I guess I could have had wine), I used to be able to drink milk without digestive issues.

Most amazing is those neural pathways of memory and tastes. One of these days I'll get around to reading Proust, until then mushroom sandwichs will have to suffice.


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Mar. 13th, 2004 03:31 pm (UTC)
Food memories
I too used to make many grilled cheese sandwiches when I first moved out of the 'rents house. My wiches too have gotten more gourmet over the years. I love tomato slices in mine...
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